Author: Caprin

Cabrin Group Karel Brachak On the verge of selling internet provider, it has consolidated a number of its purchases from other providers in recent years. A strong player with nearly 250 million households as customers entering the market.

Hospodářské noviny drew attention to the upcoming deal, and Lupa’s sources confirmed the information. The event is only in the beginning and Caprin does not comment on it. It just states that it is considering all options.

Last year, had sales of 1.2 billion kroner and profit after tax 115 million. During the acquisition campaign, it incorporated service providers such as Telly, LTnet itself, Freebone, CentroNet, SporkNeT, MCnet Internet, and others. The big fish was the purchase of Smart Comp, which operates Netbox. employs 400 people.

After completing the acquisition of Netbox, Kaprain stated that the merger with the part had ended. The integration (which many have criticized on the forums) is now going on and making it more attractive to other potential investors.

Kaprain also has a license for the 3.5GHz frequency, which can be used to build 5G. These assets have been separated from into a separate Incrate, but there are no warrants.

Yaromir Novak on Twitter launch a surveywho becomes the buyer. O2, under PPF Telecom Group, leads closely, followed by ČEZ. Although he officially pretends that he does not have big ambitions in providing the Internet and is trying to give it a try, he is constantly buying into smaller players and investing in optics.

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