Every word from Erik’s press conference: Part two

What do you think about the tackle that injured Christian Eriksen and that it was not booked? What do you take from the fact that Andy Carroll wasn’t even booked on Saturday?

“I’m confused that. I think that football puts these limits and restrictions to protect the players. I think that what football wants is the best players available on the pitch and this is the equipment, and after that the two tackles, on the football pitch do not belong, because the highest risk is to injure your colleague, it is worse.. I was surprised that for example in the Crystal Palace where the elbow was [Lisandro] Martinez and I don’t know if the whistle was for a free kick. No one cares except I wonder about such a risk of injury for the player.

According to Nottingham Forest, as you are already three goals ahead, you have played strong teams in the cup, are you playing such a strong team, even though you have such an advantage?
“It’s not good to make a question. We talk here about Foresta, but I don’t hear one question about it! A good question. We are playing here for the semi-final and we have the perfect opportunity to go to Wembley to bring the trophy. So we have to focus and that’s why we will gather energy and we will gather a good plan for tomorrow’s game and I think. it’s all about that. You have to do with the players that are available and that is a strong team that we are going to come tomorrow and I think that at the moment we are in a good process and we have to save ourselves from the attack and we want develop in this team below. Tomorrow we want to take the next step and get closer to a real good team. The games at Forest, they are running in a good way and we need to know. Forest have good teams, they have real good depth in the squad and from that they can make good teams and they can do different things. That which is about him is to be prepared for us.

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