Which team have Man United faced most in the FA Cup?

Most common FA CUP winners

18: Liverpool
17: Chelsea
16: Armoury, Reading, Tottenham
15: Middlesbrough, Southampton
14: Fulham, West Ham (when they meet next month)
13: Aston Villa, Everton
12: County Derby

If the finals were removed because there was no one to draw for those games, this would be seen.

16: Liverpool, Reading, Tottenham
15: Middlesbrough
14: Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Southampton, West Ham.

Replays would also affect things – Reading five, Liverpool four, Middlesbrough four, Tottenham four and so on.

With only one replay held against Arsenal, arguably the most famous in our history in the competition, it appears that the Gunners are the team we have drawn the most as Villa (once) and Everton (twice) have also been final opponents. .

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