Every word from part one of Erik ten Hag pre Nottingham Forest second leg press conference

When you see what Chelsea are doing in this window, how does it affect the Premier League balance by spending so much money at this stage of the season?

“I cannot speak for other clubs, I speak for our club. We have a plan and we have a plan where we want to go. We want to restore Manchester to Britain. We are in a good direction. we keep consistent with the plan, I think we have to work as a club, as a team we are on the way to the game and we have worked. I think you can also see the results in the process, that we are making the right progress. So we have to keep that process going and improving every day.”

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been in fine form recently, we’ve seen him play deeper up the pitch and reverse more. How impressed were you with his performance and what more do you expect from the full back? Finally, in terms of the last game, we saw Wout Weghorst enter, do you expect to play more directly on him? We saw Facundo play an excellent cross on him, are we waiting for the next season to decorate ours?
“Yes, certainly. Aaron was sick many times or was injured at the beginning of the season, so he was not in the right spirit to contribute a lot of drop-outs. Then in the restart, he was available and he got used to the game that we introduced, and I think he made a good progress, a good progress: you can see him in the hunt and I think I’m happy. the connection between Aaron and Anthony in the game was much better, you see then much more problems for the opponent. He’s integrating well. He’s just doing what I expected him to do, he’s getting used to it, but the more he plays together, the more he’ll come. So I expect better results from him.”

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