Read Erik ten Hag club media interview before Man Utd v Reading on 28 January

Playing against Championship opposition can be tricky, but against Burnley in the Carabao Cup we saw your team play their very role. Will the news be similar this time?

“There is another opponent and you cannot compare any opponent with each other. Their approach will be tough: and we are ready for it. It is very normal and to know in time, to put the title in time, and we have to be ready for it. At Old Trafford, we are looking forward to every game until now and it is a great environment, a great atmosphere, so we are also looking forward to tomorrow and we have to give our best.”

What is the news team before visiting Reading?

“I think we’re a pretty good squad, but obviously there are questions in the squad, especially when you have to cover as many games as we have. It remains to be seen which team we will pick tomorrow, but the choice will be strong because we know the strength of the opponent.”

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