Every word from Erik ten Hag pre-Reading press conference part two 27 January

What happened to M. Rashford? Can you tell us what you did with it? What did you do and say to him in particular?
“I’m not Harry Potter. Trust me.” [is important] and every player should have the confidence to make and own it. He fights for this and invests in this. With me and my coaching staff, we’ll bring the structures and especially with the game. This gave him some practice, which he needed to get into the right position, but in the end it was for him. If the player has confidence and trust in the way we work, the environment and the culture are important. The player can therefore perform at his best. Mark is obviously going to work hard in his time and he is in really good shape, from day-to-day, game to game, training to training, more and more routines are coming. I think even the forehead now gives me a positive feeling that it is getting better. This seems to me to be mutually beneficial. In the first half of the season we had many problems at the front and we often had games where we didn’t even have players who were 100 percent physically and mentally fit. I think much more now that reason and M. can now take much more fruit from certain circumstances.

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