Santiago Bernabéu bids Gento a touching farewell

Fable news. 18/01/2022

The president’s box in the St. James Bernabéu it was the place where the vigils were kept Francis Gento. Immediately from the opening of the doors, a large number of representatives of Real Madrid led by the president Florentinus Perezseveral famous figures, institutional managers and hundreds of supporters descended on the stadium to show their respect and support to the family of the club’s honorary president.

sex European cups The madridista stories stood proudly above its doors, which will be open until 10pm (CET) and from 10am-1pm tomorrow. The Real Madrid coach, Carlo AncelottiHe was among those who wanted to resign Gento and commented: “All the fans have very special memories of what he did on the pitch and what he was like on it”, while Marcellus He added: “It’s a difficult day for us, his family, madridistas and everyone who loves the game. We keep the memory of the legendary Paco Gento.

Joseph Louis Major of Madrid Martinez-Almeidathus he had to say: “It is a sad day. He is the one whom all of us Madrilenians regard as one of our own. He is a Madridista and a football legend. An extraordinary athlete, but, apart from his career achievements, he left a remarkable mark as a person”. Gema IgualThe mayor of Santander was also among those who flocked to the Santiago Bernabéu: “It is a sad day for us, but we are proud that Gento was ours and continues to be an illustrious Cantabrian and a role model to look up to. so many footballers”.

Louis RubellaThe president of the Spanish Football Federation has spoken a lot Gento: “some player, but also a modest man and very down to earth.” It was an absolute icon Real Madridglobally and for the Spanish national team. He was a role model for us.” President of Atlético de Madrid; Enrique Cerezo, commented: “It is a great loss of a great player and a better person. He was an instrumental player for Real Madrid, containing no left side.”


Saint Joseph Gento has been described as “the best leftist of all time”. Emilian Rodríguez It should be noted that “He has a unique personality and a big heart.” He is a man who left an indelible mark Real Madrid. Sanchez He also spoke about Gento in a fiery speech: “He was very close to the legend and the fans. “If you ever asked what it felt like to be a madridista, Paco was always there.” Arbeloa he declared: “We say goodbye to one of the players who made Real Madrid become the best team in the world today.”

“It is part of the Real Madrid. The whole age has left its mark, his life is equally difficult. He was an impressive piper. He was a warm man who won people’s hearts”, he stated Amancio. Santillana He explained that “Madridismo is a great loss and everyone who loves football. This is the best player in the history of the game”. Meanwhile Pyrrha to note that “he was the greatest historian of all times and an exceptional person”.

“A role model for us all”
Fernando Hierro he also observed the vigils and highlighted Gento’s personality: “He won more trophies than anyone and had a sense of humility and calmness around him. He was and will be a role model for all of us. Buyo describes it as “a one-off in the game and a true history of Madrid”. in the meantime Valdano he added: “Life is a legend. A true Madridist has built an iconic status.” Martin Vázquez he affirmed: “The athlete must be in the race both on and on the pitch and he offered a clear example of that.”

“He was a really great player and no one ever matched him,” he said Vicente Miera. Mijatović they also attended the vigils and commented: “we have lost one of the greats, a man who left a mark in the whole era and the most decorated player of the club”. Hugo Sánchez and he spoke much Gento: “We are grateful for the legacy that Paco is leaving. Our office was one of the models”. Ferdinand Sanz He also had words of praise for Gento: “He was the one who, despite his humility, is preeminent among all the madridistas.” It is more than a story, it is a picture”.

Family members

Toñín Llorente He said: “The saddest day is one far away. The example he gave us will teach us modesty, humility and integrity. His legacy will be difficult to repeat. Julius Llorente he thought saying: “He was always very down to earth and modest. He leaves a legacy of incredible values ​​and a major mark on the sporting world. We will always be grateful to him”.

Real Madrid Women
team coach Albert Toril, which meant to Gento: “Fusta was a legend who perfectly represented the values ​​of Real Madrid. He was very quick and energetic and had an eye for the goal. Many years have passed and no one has succeeded in equaling him.” In the meantime, the captain of the team; Ivana Andrés said: “It is a very sad day for football and madridismo. Today we lost a football story”.

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