Ancelotti: “ You have to be at your best to win at San Mamés”

“As I say, we will not take the risk, this is not league champions the end Maybe if it is, you risk it, but not in the middle of the season, because you don’t want some of the most common questions. Benzema he knows that and if he doesn’t feel right, he doesn’t play. If Benzema does not play, we do not understand that we are leaving him to rest in the PSG game. If he doesn’t play, it’s because he can’t play.

“We have two options, either play” Alaba or * Nacho to the left-back. having Marcellus suspended by us one less well. I know how to use it there, but I won’t tell you. The evaluation does not depend on whether Nico Williams or Berenguer plays, it is more about what we want to do on the left side. Nacho was more defensive and used less of a position. We could have gone more defensively to stop Nico Williams, but Alaba gives us more of the ball.”

Could he see Bale and the Dangerous story?
“Yes, it can, because they feel good, like” I agreewho made a full recovery. sure Wine Jr.and Rodrigo I just came back, but these are 20 years old, not 60, like me. They can recover in time. But Discrimination and Bale They are ready to play.”

Carvajal It’s okay, it’s available. It is true that he has not practiced much, but he is accustomed to play. Luke He finished every game he’s played in. They were missing Mendywe are without our backs. We have some things to adjust but I think our defense can be exposed for tomorrow’s game”.

His undergraduate license
“I am a guy who tries to observe the law, the rules. I think it was just a mistake because my license was scheduled to expire, but the Spanish Coaching Association helped me to take a course with them in October, for which I am very grateful. It was a miscommunication between the Italian Coaches Association and UEFA”.

Transfer forum
“You can say I’m an honest man because we didn’t have a move, we’ll see in the summer. It seems strange to talk about the summer window already. It will come around, but we’ll talk about it in the next few months.

A fox in a box
“You can think about having a fuller squad, but you have to adapt to the players you have. We have an evildoer Jupiterbut not feeling too good about contracting COVID-19. He did a great job when he played against Inter and Real Sociedad. Mariano He also did well when he played against Elche. If we want to improve this system, we will have more players in the penalty box.

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