Man Utd’s history with Nottingham Forest


Over the next decade and a half, until Clogh’s departure and Forest’s relegation in 1992/93, games between Forest and United were eye-watering encounters. Clough, in the Middle East Ferguson, was the master of all he recognized. Only Arsene Wenger (60 games) has led his side against United more regularly – Cough’s Silva has met United 38 times over 18 years. Although no one can be said to have had a mark on Sir Alex, few have come close. Out of their 13 league games, the victory tally is split at 5-5, with three draws. Britain finished second to third in Liverpool’s wake in 1987/88; The following campaign, when United finished in the XI, Forest were third again. There were still three Cup games. Garry Parker knocked United out of the 1989 FA Cup sixth round at Old Trafford before a fateful draw with Liverpool at Hillsborough. United returned the favor the following season in a 1-0 playoff success, Mark Robins’ goal sparking Ferguson’s first trophy (he also won the League Cup in the meantime). Forest’s victory also took place at Wembley, in the 1992 League – sorry, Rumbelows – Cup final, won by Brian McClair in the 100th British goal, a game in which Forest Roy Keane, just 20, impressed, and the future Red Teddy Sheringham also played. These weren’t the only players with the team. The 1980s brought us Garry Birtles, Peter Davenport and Neil Webb; 1970, Ian Storey-Moore and Tommy Jackson, although with mixed results. Viv Anderson, then of Arsenal – and such a strong vintage Clough ’70s team – was one of Ferguson’s first purchases. And, bringing us up to date, the goal that got the jump here was engineered by a victory over Huddersfield Town in May in the M16 – courtesy of an assist from James Garner, from the United States before joining Everton last summer. After a 3-0 win at Old Trafford on 27 December, we quickly met again less than a month later. With Silva enjoying a long run in the Carabao Cup, the two teams are competing at Wembley and its matches are like 1999…

This article first appeared in United Review, the official matchday programme.

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