75-67: Madrid produce another impressive fightback to remain unbeaten at the WiZink Center

COMPARE RELATIONSHIP. 02/02/2022. Edu Bueno

They were 16 points behind the Olympians, but they came around with a great second half to cling to 12 consecutive home wins in the Euroleague.

Real Madrid winners in the 34th installment of history Euroleague rivalry with the Olympians, acting as a memorable second and magical night of Europe. In particular, the opposition is enormously impressive, especially given the opposition, required a 16-point score with the other side stunning. The last two minutes of the game were breathless, which also led to a 10-2 run that also served in favor of our team’s average basket. Tavares (11 points, 9 rebounds, 4 blocks and 24 steals); Heurtel (20 points and 20 PIR) and Yabusele (11+9 and 17) the eighth part of the successive and twelfth ad WiZink Center in the struggle We remain unbeaten at home in the Euroleague and top of the table in this week’s double header.

With both teams giving little in defense, the first quarter began with no real dominant force. The points are difficult, the pace is frantic but accurately cast. Most of the madridistas’ turnovers in the calculation made the Olympiacos score, while Heurtelwith two triple hosts of antidote. The nature of the scores remained flat until the last minute of the period, when the Greeks posted 5 consecutive points to complete the 10-15 run in their favor.

Madrid were still struggling to score freely, hurt by some poor crossing percentages, especially in the middle, when the Olympians were already hitting shots from all areas. Their dominance in eight 8 points almost consecutive rebound and Sloukas, along with Vezenkov with another 5, the visitors saw a 16-point lead with more than 15 minutes left (20-36). Our boys continued to try and cut the deficit before dawn, limiting turnovers and improving on offensive rebounds to make more attacks, although not all of them were converted into points (24-38, min. 20).

The Madridistas came out more aggressive after the break, upping the pace and showing a more accurate offense, building on a defense that showed very few cracks. He was inspired Heurtel and Tavares, Madrid showed admirable consistency as they slowly clawed back points, although the Olympians made the difficult task of scoring through Dorsey more difficult. Our boys were well and truly in the game now. They all started to pounce, which was set up by the French scouts posting 11 points in the fourth quarter. A Williams-Goss A 3+1 led them to within one point at 50-51 with 30 minutes on the clock before going on a 26-13 run.

Madrid to complete a great fightback
The army had now returned within touching distance, and no attempt was made to seal it. A Cause triple and huge Yabusele Dunk finished the job in the first two minutes of the last quarter, going on a 9-0 run to make the score 55-51 (min.32). The whole complexion of the game had already changed; Laso’s the children went for him. Tavares they grew even more prominent in the paint and Abolde put in the team 5 minutes to 5 with

Twin win
But the Olympians were to display incredible heroic character. They pushed Madrid to the limit, bringing more aggression to the game and winning several technical goals in their favor (one from the hosts’ bench and one by Poirierand these complain about the blow of McKissic, who pulled out a tooth), to tie the game at 65 in 37′. The company was not astonished, but saw that every line was turned with a limp Laso’s The boys invite everyone to win the DNA. One poor defense after another saw the Greeks go more than two minutes without a point. At the same time, Lull and Rudy to the former triples, which are added Heurtel’s he makes free throws, an incredible 10-2 round, so that Palacio with his feet and a basket moderately squeezes one point in our favor (75-67, min. 40). A good start to another tough week that sees two more games in the next four days. First up, in less than 48 hours, is Zenit (Friday, 8:45 pm CET)


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