4-1: LaLiga leaders pick up fifth win in a row

COMPARE RELATIONSHIP. 11/09/2022. Albert Navarro Photographer: Helios de la Rubia/Antonio Villalba/Víctor Carretero/María Jiménez

Real Madrid came from behind at home against Mallorca thanks to a stunning strike by Valverde, Vini Jr. and Rodrygo, and another from Rüdiger.

Real Madrid to send out no signs and consolidate their place at the top of the table with a strong return to beat the side with a solid hammer. But the visitors were ahead in the first half Valverde’s It is to be wondered at the purpose of the injuries of the time, followed by fine efforts Wine Jr.and Rodrigomore Rüdiger’s knocking in the middle, they scored all three points for our team, who won all seven competitive games so far this season (5 in. LaLiga1 in league champions and Super Cup).

Real Madrid He saw him dominate from afar, falling at the first chance, when Ceballos Rajkoviç was forced into finesse, except with a curling effort from the edge of the box after only 5 minutes. As the season progressed, the hosts’ possession failed to produce any real goalscoring opportunities. A Kroos while the ball cushions through Valverde on the track of * Rodrigo but the Brazilian’s two-footed shot ended up on the left in the gloves of the visiting goalkeeper.

Valverde nets in the world
Mallorca barely missed a single chance Courtois’ They took the goal with a free kick. Kang In Lee turned around in the 36th minute and Muriqi’s header ended up in the back of the net. End of reigning spurs LaLiga indeed, the champions equalized before the half whistle. As the clock ticked at the wrong time; Valverde He picked up the ball in his own half, carried it an incredible 52 metres, weaving through the opposing defenders with ease, before unleashing a spectacular left-footed shot from the edge of the box, which slotted into the top corner.

The script remained the same following the restart, with Mallorca camped deep inside their own half allowing our team to come at them, looking for a goal that would give them the lead. From a series of shots he saw the west Lucas Vázquez I came within inches in the 61st minute, before Mallorca responded three minutes later when Grenier’s superb individual play found Antonio Sánchez, who failed to find the target six yards out.

Come back
The host’s deserved reward finally arrived with 73 minutes left, as Rodrigo brilliantly escaping the cares of the two against the defenders by placing the ball in front Wine Jr. inside the box Compatriots left, carving out space with a nice touch before finishing nicely on their left. It is the Brazilian’s fifth game with a straight goal. The closing stages saw two further goals of the season, one of which is Rodrigo with 89 on the special clock. He took the ball a mile away, beat three defenders and beat Rajkoviç when he shot across the goal. In added-in time, two German teams came to the front to put the cake on the field; Kroos verbera in the free kick where Rüdiger he was waiting at the back to net the first madridista goal.

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