16 ways to get free or cheap theatre tickets

by Zero Dime

Looking for cheap (or even free) theater tickets? Before splashing out on expensive tickets, read these tips. You could save a fortune.

Going to the theater is such a treat. However, when it costs £100+ to watch your favorite games and music, it’s not always the most budget-friendly hobby.

But when you know where to look, there is something brilliant about the act. Yes, it is also possible free tickets.

Read on for our list of the best ways to save money on theater tickets.

  • Subscribe to the theater plans for young people

    Lots of theaters in the UK run schemes that offer young people affordable theater tickets.

    Here are a few examples;

    Before you buy tickets at your local theater, check if they run similar schemes.

    A great thing to do. If not, you’ll still be able to get a student discount, as we’ll explain in the next post.

  • Buy theater tickets with a student discount

    A woman holding a red card

    Even if your local theater doesn’t have a youth program, you may be able to get discounted tickets for students.

    First, look on the theater’s website to see if they offer discounted tickets to students. Otherwise, you can buy tickets through a third-party website he does offer a student discount.

    For example, you can get 10% at Lovetheater with ALL. If you’re not familiar with Lovetheatre, it’s a handy place to find cheap tickets for plays and musicals in London.

  • Subscribe to Showfilmfirst for free tickets

    Showfilm is the first program that offers its members free tickets to events – including theater shows. In exchange for tickets, you are asked to provide helpful feedback after the show.

    Theater tickets as well as members are also offered free tickets to films, comedy shows and concerts.

    To learn more about Showfilmfirst membership, head to their website.

  • See local theater productions

    While the productions of the West End can be incredible, they are far from the only options.

    See what’s on at your local theater. You can see some top quality theater shows at low prices.

    And see if one of your drama companies is playing or putting on musicals. If so, you can buy cheap tickets. Plus, if the show is being held on campus, you won’t need to spend a day getting there (meaning no extra expenses for transportation).

  • Sign up to SeatPlan to earn a voucher

    Love the theater? Try SeatPlan.

    If you’re not familiar with SeatPlan, it’s a great place to find cheap theater tickets in cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Manchester.

    On the site, you earn reward points by sharing a photo of the view from your seat. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them to spend on future theater tickets.

    So, especially if you’re a regular theater goer, earning rewards points on SeatPlan is a great (and easy) way to save money on tickets.

  • Receive tickets with blocked views

    theater seat

    Following on from the last point, checking out the seat reviews on SeatPlan can help you find the best cheap theater tickets available.

    Blocked seats will generally be the cheapest. But it is usually difficult to know how You resisted your decision until you got to the theater.

    To avoid the disappointment of getting to your seat and realizing that you can hardly see anything at all, check the pictures on SeatPlan before you buy your tickets. They will give you an idea of ​​what to expect and help you find seats that are great value for money.

    Even if the chair has a somewhat obstructed view, it is still worth remembering that it is very cheap.

  • Compare prices before buying tickets

    When buying theater tickets, shop around for the biggest deal.

    Cheapest tickets, it helps if you are flexible about what you see and when you show up. But if you have a certain play or music in mind, and you want to go on a certain day, check the ticket prices in different places before buying any.

    For small local theater productions, you will probably only be able to buy tickets directly from the theater.

    But, for tickets at larger theaters (like the West End), you can save money by checking out a few pages. These may include the theater’s own website, as well as sites such as lastminute.com and lovetheatre.

  • Buy last-minute theater tickets

    Again, this last one works best if you’re not too nervous about which theater show you’ll be watching. But there’s a chance you can buy discounted last-minute tickets for the play you’ve been dying to see.

    There are a few ways to buy cheap theater tickets at the last minute.

    The sites we mentioned in the last point (lastminute.com and lovetheatre) often play large roles in West End productions. You can also buy tickets on the same day.

    Another option is to contact the theater box office to see if they have any tickets for sale. Even if the show is sold out, there is still a question about the tickets if any of them have returned.

    Sometimes it is possible to buy cheap tickets, that is, you can watch the show if there are any tickets left. For example, at Capital Theatrestudents can buy a £10 standing ticket for most of their shows.

    There are often competitions to win free theater tickets – watch out for these! And here are some tips on how to win the competition.
  • Use the author’s website

    Sites like Groupon and Wowcher can be great for finding theater deals. Sometimes you may be able to buy a single ticket at a discounted price, or you may find a package deal that includes dinner and/or a hotel stay with the ticket.

    For package deals, see the experience of the day pages such as:

    Theater owners, dinners and hotel rooms are usually pretty expensive. But, if you’re willing to do anything else, you’ll be able to get the money to pay for your ticket, dinner, and accommodation separately.

    Before buying an author, compare prices elsewhere to make sure you are getting the best deal.

    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get a discount as a sponsor (either for a ticket only or for a bundle deal). Voucher sites sometimes break the code, such as with the code for their wallets. Also check if you could get a student discount as a sponsor.

    Some sites run limited-time discounts on the selected voucher. Keep an eye on each area to see if there is anything special going on in the theater. You could save quite a bit of money on tickets if that’s the case.

  • Get half-price theater tickets with your Railcard

    railcard phone app

    Railcards are popular because they are a great way to save money on tickets. But it turns out, theater tickets can also save you money.

    With the 16-25 Railcard, you can save up to 50% off theater tickets.

    To see the current deals, head to “Offers & Competitions”, then “Theatre” on the Railcard website and follow the link. But then again, the prices on other sites are also always inflated if you can find tickets for less.

    If you don’t have a Railcard yet but are planning to get one, there are some ways to save money on them. At any price, it is a 16-25 Railcard for one year, or 70 for three years.

    Sometimes, it is possible to get 33% off with Trainline digital Railcards.

    Or if the Trainline deal isn’t available, see if you can use Tesco Clubcard points to cash in on your Railcard. This address is usually available with a paid Membership Clubcard – which brings us to the next tip.

  • Use Gods Clubcard points for discounted tickets

    The Tesco Clubcard has made it onto our list of the best loyalty cards for a few reasons, including the offers it offers with its Partner Rewards.

    At the time of writing, you can use your Clubcard points to buy theater tickets through TodayTix. Instead, £0.50 in vouchers will go towards £1.50 tickets.

    But be careful with this. If you have loaded Clubcard points that you would be happy to use for theater tickets, you can potentially save money. But we saw tickets for the same show available cheaper on the TodayTix website than on the Clubcard website.

    Before buying a Clubcard, compare ticket prices on other sites.

    You’ll find yourself saving just a small amount (or paying even more) by getting your tickets through Clubcard. If so, it’s probably worth buying tickets from a different site and saving your Clubcard points to use with another Rewards Partner.

  • Work in the theater with free or cheap tickets

    If you’re looking for a part-time job, see if your local theater is on vacation.

    Although each theater will have its own employee benefits, you can find these free or discounted tickets. As such, it could be a great way for you to earn income and except for the money in the theater ticket.

    Plus, if you’re hoping to work in the theater industry after one, a part-time job would be a huge boost to your CV.

    Find opportunities near you with our seasonal job search.

  • Get tickets for London Theater Week

    For cheap Western Theater tickets, keep an eye out for London Theater Week. It eventually ran from 22nd August – 11th September 2022, and should return in early 2023.

    At London Theater Week, you can get tickets for some of the city’s top plays and musicals for £15, £25, £35 and £45.

  • Buy off-peak theater tickets

    A great gesture for single life is that you often have a more flexible schedule than with a full-time job. Because of this, you may find that you are free when they are busy, such as on weekday afternoons.

    Since Fridays and Saturdays are such popular days to go to the theater, weekend shows are usually more expensive than weekdays.

    If you are flexible about what day and time to watch the show, you may be able to get cheap theater tickets by booking them at peak times.

  • The reviewer plays a student journalist

    A man on a laptop

    Student journalism can be a wonderful way to gain work experience. Although it is not easy to make money from scratch, it can be done. But even if you are sure to pay commissions, you can still get free tickets to press theater shows.

    In order to press tickets, you will usually need to write for some publication. If you’re not already, write for your university’s newspaper or magazine. When writing for a publication, you will be in a good position to participate in the theater of the show as a journalist.

    For more tips to start earning an income as a student journalist, see our guide to making money writing.

  • Watch the theater screenings

    If you’re struggling to find cheap theater tickets for your show, see if you can watch a recording of that production. Larger theater shows are sometimes available as movies, on streaming services or on TV.

    A good example is Hamilton. A ticket to see her in the West End costs well from £100. But if you have a Disney+ subscription, you can’t watch the recording for free. Even if you haven’t got Disney+ yet, you could share a subscription with three friends and only need to pay £19.98 each year – a huge saving compared to a theater ticket.

    Or, if you watch a lot of theater shows, you could save a lot of money on tickets by signing up for a dedicated theater streaming service. National Theater at Home. Subscription costs £9.99 per month, or £99.99 per year if paying annually.

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